"Capture the positive in your environment, laugh, live, trust your own judgement"

Adventure By Björn Uglem

Offers education, classes, lectures and activities in these fields:


- Team building

- Leadership

- Inspiration and motivation

- Survival

- Basic values

- Visionary and innovative thinking

- Creative processes

- Perspective and joy of life

- Spontaneous selling



Dorotea Resident of the Year

Through their contribution on the TV series Det Stora Matslaget ("The great food battle"), Björn, Kajsa Bergqvist, Cecilia Simonsson and Stefan Eriksson were awarded with the title of Dorotea Residents of the Year during the 2014 Dorotea Day.


The Dorotea Day is arranged by the municipality of Dorotea alongside Lions and Dorotea merchants. The distinction was bestowed by Sven-Erik Nilsson from Lions and chef Hubert Förster.






Best of Lapland

Experience Lapland now!


Best of Lapland; The adventure begins here! 20 minutes away from Arlanda and 50 minutes from Stockholm, you will find best of Lapland, where you can experience the highest quality samples of what Lapland has to offer.


Best of Lapland delivers a genuine, exciting and exclusive experience for all of your senses.


Food and beverages are made from the finest ingredients Lapland can provide. The food is cooked small-scale according to tradition.


Visit best of lapland

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