Art Exhibition - Nunamiut

by Tovakatin Aschalack Ookpik Ahgook


Since the summer of 1996 Bjorn Uglem has spent time living and surviving among the last discovered indigenous group in North America, the Nunamiuts. ’Nunamiuts’ means ’land walking humans’, they are the last enduring inland eskimos in the world. What charactorises their culture is their humility, happiness and their gratfulness for life. They inhabit parts of Northern Alaska, a harsh and relentless environment, it is one of the coldest climates on earth. Their survival is in every way extreme as they somehow manage to persist utilising their traditional means of hunting, trapping and fishing. The Nunamuits are currently facing their most arduous challange to date, meeting Western Civilisation. Bjorn was adopted by the Nunamuits the year after he first visited them and belongs to the Ahgook tribe.


Bjorn started his visits with the Nunamuits like any other traditional western adventurer, the insights he has gained from sharing their lives have compelled him to deliver a salient series of seminars describing his experiences and how his view of life and his priorities have changed.


Bjorn believes that the Nunamuits wisdom, insight and wholesome lifestyle is what will ultimately save humanity.


In order to share what Bjorn has discovered and to propogate the Nunamuits ethos Bjorn has created this art exhibition – ’’Nunamuit’’.


Complementing each of Bjorns Compositions is a flap that the viewer can open and read through Bjorns ideas and thoughts on the piece.




If you would like to make your own interpretation it is not necessary to open the flap, an integral part of this exhibition is making your own analysis of what you are seeing; Bjorn understands that his work can not force a change in people, rather it can guide us and make us ask important questions..


The frames that belong to the ’photos’ are decorated with artefacts that are connected to the Nunamuits life, to their traditions and to their artistic heritage. Rather than ditracting from the images this is intended to reinforce the message behind them, adding dimensions otherwise impossible with classic photography.


The Nunamuits are one of the original artic inhabitants of north america, their culture is alive and vibrant, still producing new drum dance and songs.


They have proved they can survive bitter arctic conditions, their new fight is to survive the often cruel impact of western society and its continuous erosion of their way of life. Bjorns exhibition is a continuous commentary reporting on the development of the Nunamuits condition. This isn’t simply something that Bjorn has dedicated his life to, it has changed his perspective about every aspect of life and how he views, behaves towards and interacts with the world as a whole. The plight of Nunamuits is Bjorns calling but much more than that it is the endurance of a race of people. Potentially holding keys to how we all can endure.


This exhibition was not created for material gain, or as an attempt to satisfy academic interest. This is a human development project. Not belonging to Bjorn, or you, or indeed the Nunamuits. We need this. This is how we will survive.

More art by Björn

Bjorn’s art manages to capture humanities journey through life, how we can fight and struggle in the world but essentially find true hapiness in the simplest of moments. The purpose of his art is to provoke a true reaction from the viewer, to summon an honest, personal and uniquely real response. Self reflection, and a deeper insight into respect and love for ourselves, each other and our environment are central to his art.



Art Exhibition ANGELS

The Perch – An Art Exhibition

Angels are beings that stand for goodness and they are mentioned in many different cultures and (philosophies) tales from all around the world.


Angels are everywhere. All around us.


The question is, do we have time to notice them? And how do we treat the goodness surrounding us?


This is an exhibition that illuminates a very colorful and vibrant fish! Did you know that a perch’s heart often continues to beat long after it has passed? What if we could listen to our hearts more often? Some of us seem to go through life without ever taking the time to actually paying attention to what we truly long for.


So listen to what YOUR heart is telling YOU.

The pioneer country/Nybyggarland



The pioneer country/Nybyggarland is a historical photoart exhibition presenting to you the era of the Swedish Lapland pioneers. The age of the Västerbotten Lapland pioneers lasted from the late 1600’s and reached its end in the 1920’s. The exhibition aims at providing an experience for all your senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch and also attempts to describe their lives from their own prospective. A life full of struggle, toil, starvation and hardship, but also hope, joy, intimacy and a strong belief in the future.





One purpose of the exhibition is to provide young people and newly-arrived people to Sweden a historical background and welcome them into the fascinating history of the pioneers. Hopefully the exhibition can create an interest and make all newcomers feel needed and at home.


Björn has creatively used forms, shapes and conditions inspired by nature. Björns photos are printed on canvas and the frames are made out of old trees and ancient wooden objects to extend the experience.


Do not miss this extraordinary exhibit.



Design av: art&design - Sara Eliasson