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The vintage style artworks in the Injuruunga exhibition series are made by sustainable recycled materials and our philosophy is to protect our environment and show consideration and responsibility for nature and wildlife. The motifs of the Injuruunga series are the reflections of nature’s magnificence portrayed through photos of the last untouched rural wilderness areas in the world. These sacred sights are sawn unto canvases of reindeer hide, birch bark or linen with jute thread, leather straps, sinew, copper or tin wire. The photos themselves are printed

on carefully selected materials, hand crafted organic paper from the Philippines and Nepal that are manufactured as a part of an international charity project, recycled cotton lump or recycled linen.


The paper from the Philippines and Nepal is made from mixed banana fiber and is called Zen paper. Zen Artpaper AB focuses on ethical accountability and believes that there is a way that a business can thrive through taking social responsibility. This is done by caring and retaining handcrafts, traditions and local knowledge concerning how to foster nature’s capacity to create both beautiful, environmentally friendly and useful materials and products. The Zen paper has a historical and educational value that is important to convey and goes in line with our values.


The frames are recycled from handmade crafts. The process of respecting the historical aspects of the materials allows a dialog in-between the item’s original origin and a new meaning and context. The canvas cloth consists of handmade linen from old traditional folk textiles and are washed and pressed to be reused in the artwork. The artworks main components additionally includes birch bark and reindeer hide.

The recycling aspects of the materials used in the creation of the artwork in the Injuruunga series are of great importance for us. In this way we nurture old crafts and traditions and minimize our impact on the environment. Our values also includes underlining the essential linking in-between art, nature and our origin.


The Injuruunga exhibition series consists of ten unique artwork designs that are available. The process of creating your unique artwork will be started once an ordered is placed. This provides the possibility of adjustment to personal or corporate aspirations.

Each individual motif is produced in limited edition and will be numbered.

We also offer printing and mounting of your own images with sustainable materials in any of our available styles.


Injuruunga is Inupiat and means, Still alive!


When ordering, we ask you to be indulgent with the time our craft requires.

Injuruunga / Björn Uglem

contact: injuruunga@gmail.com

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