Capture the positive in your environment, laugh,
live and trust your own judgement

Adventure By Björn Uglem

Allow Bjorn to escort you into the wilderness. Back to nature.
For “the Bear” true inspiration comes from rediscovering our relationship with the great outdoors.
Björn Uglem

The adventure of a lifetime in Alaska and Lapland

Björn provides a keen insight into the challenges of daily life and a refreshing perspective for his participants. The activities Björn arranges activate all the senses encouraging a feeling of harmony and balance. This experience in nature will leave you with the feeling of coming home, to the Björn there is no greater therapy and it is a vital remedy to the otherwise stressful and chaotic world we share.


With his art, Björn wants to tell about phenomena and changes in human history and about the survival of life itself. 

Northern Light Spirit

The worlds most exclusive caviar. You can read more about Northern light spirit here- The worlds most exclusive caviar

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