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Boken Nöjd - Björn Uglem


Björn Uglem can be described in many ways, an arctic survivor, a life explorer, an entertainer, and a fellow human being who has gone his own way.

In this book you are invited into an exceptional world off the beaten track. Allow yourself to be guided by childhood dreams, learn to fall, and get back up again and take part in unique, and enriching stories from the Nunamiuts of Northern Alaska.

For instance, how does a society work where time and ownership are conditional? What happens when age and titles are entirely irrelevant? What do they mean when they say they are “gathering firewood” instead of being burned out?
In this book you get to embark on a journey through life, through the wilderness, through powerful meetings with insightful people, and to participate in the search for answers to some of our biggest questions.

It doesn’t matter how much you own if you’re not satisfied.

– Brynjulf Uglem 90 years old

The book is available in Swedish. In a short time from now it will be available in English.

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